The European Priority (EP) application was done in October 2009. 

    The PCT was done in October 2010 with WO2011/047856A1 (published 28 April 2011) having 36 claims. Both applications were completed by Potter & Clarkson (Nottingham, UK) and initiated with LURIS, the Technology Transfer Office of both Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center. Recently, DynaCorts filed in both the USA (April 23, 2012; application number 13/503424) and Europe (May 22, 2012) with the aid of attorney Robert-Jan Zweep (De Clercq & Partners, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium).


    DynaCorts' patent application can be summarized as using MR-genotyping (hap 1-3) for assessment of susceptibility and guiding treatment for depression and anxiety.

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