Joint ventures


    NeuroPattern is part of the expertise of DAaCRO and provides a comprehensive assessment of neuroendocrine, psychosocial, and physical health interactions that emanate from the brain and body under stress. This testing battery is used to differentiate endophenotypes in patients with similar symptomatology. Thus, this procedure is particularly suited for individualised diagnostics and pharmacogenetic studies.

    DynaCorts and NeuroPattern collaborate in order to develop a test which integrates neuropsychological, biological and genetic aspects. This test will be used to aid diagnosis and treatment of stress-related disorders.

    Website DAaCRO: www.daacro.de



    Animal Genetics

    Animal Genetics offers genetic testing for a several animal species. Testing is used for a wide range of applications including diagnosis and inherited traits. DynaCorts and Animal Genetics developed a fast and reliable testing of human mineralocorticoid - and glucocorticoid receptor genes.

    Website: www.animalgenetics.us

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